About The Intentional Beings

About The Intentional Beings

The Intentional Beings and The Seven Simple Steps

We are everybody and everything and every being. But by saying that we are intentional means that we are driven with passion to serve specific purposes that are in harmony with all life. We are here to create that harmony in an infinite and creative ways.

  • We are not trying to control the world outside so that we can get our needs met. we strive to improve the self. our own being is the point of focus. We ib know that by improving our self-awareness we get every need met and much more. we know that the real meaning of security, abundance, love, success, vision, purpose, and the manifestations of desires are all inside jobs. these higher purposes can manifest simply by integrating with our true selves.
  • We don't manifest things by pushing, pulling or struggling. We simply remember them while we let go of lies. We redirect our attention intentionally. 
  • We look for truth. we look deeper. we may have asked as we stood alone: am i the only one seeing this. we saw things that others were busy not seeing. a lot of us were confused about the social, economic and political systems dominating our planet. but we are coming to know more as we grow. that we are who we are, they are who they are and the truth is coming to us peace by peace. it is becoming more visible. new systems are forming, new desires are getting birthed, new heights are swarming out from the un-manifest into a new earth. but first the old systems that are not working any longer must collapse within and without, and the emphases is on WITHIN.
  • We admit our part when we are not in integrity. we listen and understand the other by understanding ourselves. we don't judge or try to judge another human being because somehow somewhere were there ourselves. 
  • We may choose the long road rather than a shortcut that will conflict with our integrity. Whenever we shortcut we must go back clean the mess we made and reclaim our truth. somehow we developed a sense of security so we don't have to go and do what others do to get what we want. we check our motives and intentions. we get more trust in our process as we grow. After all we know we can get what we want. 

The Seven Simple Steps



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About the Seven Simple Steps

The Seven Simple Steps as a tool for Growth, Co-creation and Self-Realizaiton

This is a process that assists us in a practical way to understand the relationship between the self and the whole of life - the relationship between one’s thoughts, emotions, and personal experiences, events and circumstances. It sheds clarity on many aspects of our spiritual growth, attracting joy and clarity and guidance.  But most importantly these steps show how to find the true guidance within.  It enhances our intuition with a joy of being in the present moment which is the only moment there is.  It teaches us that we are not separate from the world we live in and the world changes as our individual perception evolves.

This Program can be even more useful to those who have done personal growth work in the past and want to fine tune that growth and enhance their spiritual knowledge.  This Program coordinates with any religion or any spiritual path we choose or it can be worked by itself.

These Seven Simple Steps can easily help us determine where we are in relationship to what we want and assist us in moving towards the true manifestations of our souls.  One of the most important aspects of this is that it can be applied practically to face day-to-day challenges and use those challenges to become more authentic and free from all the things that brought us pain and fear in the past. The real purpose is freedom, self-realization and attracting the things that we Love.  We get to remember who we really are and have a sense of purpose in our lives.

We can create our higher intentions which are the manifestations that bring us real joy, in better words: the manifestations that reflect our truth and freedom.  They are expressed through the people we meet, places we go, jobs, ideas, works of art that are created not only by the art medium, but through internal alignments and natural unfolding.   The world of Light and truth exist underneath the personality layer (ego) and misperceptions. We feel that the Universe is actually conspiring to provide us with what we truly desire and we are always in the right place and in the right timing. We may need to change our “plans” and we may go through what we call the narrow bridge.  This is a link between the form-based dimension and the spirit-based dimension.   We must leave the form behind and that may feel like we are leaving our comfort zone which represents the world as we knew it before.  This process is challenging but it is very rewarding.  We learn through this Program that we are actually interacting with the whole of life and we are on our way to finding the oneness of all that is.  Moving from the form-based dimension to the spirit-based dimension is essential.   In this new world that we are forming, under the new energies and knowledge available to us, and as we are seeing a lot of the ego systems (form-based) collapsing, we must stay firmly focused on truth.  Form-based dimension and ego systems will not be sustainable in this new world.  We are currently experiencing the gradual shift to a spirit-based dimension which is a higher truth.