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Divine Design Planning Tool

For Intentional Beings


This is a free journaling tool for manifesting a project or a long-term intention, such as writing a book, planning to leave your current job, creating a small business, etc. This tool is hard to explain because I’ve never seen anything like it before. It is a mix between an online planning platform, a journaling tool, and a mind map: all with a new-age, law-of-attraction spiritual style online application. To manifest a project, you’ll need to take some action steps. Some of the action steps are applied internally, such as believing, envisioning, affirming and understanding your reasons and motivations for your intention...and some are daily, weekly and monthly tasks. The first step that we always recommend to Intentional Beings, refer to who are the intentional beings, is to find your purpose in life. This can be found if you follow your passions, curiosity, excitement and creative flow. Just spend time doing things that you love to do or understanding the topics you love and like to learn more about. You can take this free course that will help you create your mission statement. It is called: Living with Purpose: My Personal Mission Statement.


In the process of manifesting a goal, you need to know and believe in your goal as a part of your mission in life. You may need to create your own affirmations. You may want to set long-term, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. You want to believe that what you are creating is happening right now and live it in your imagination. You want to learn the art of allowing and surrendering. You want to align with your higher intentions. Aligning with higher intentions is a process of accepting life as it is, and being a friend with it.


This tool would help doing all this in one place. All you need to do is register and start processing right now.  


Benefits of the Divine Design planning tool:

1)      It helps you focus on what is important to you by gathering all your ideas, intentions, reasons for these intentions, insights, affirmations and goals, all in one place.

2)      It is a planning tool. If you follow the tasks you have set for yourself, you will reach your goal.

3)      It eliminates distractions. When you work on this site, you are away from social media, which often makes us lose track of where we are and what we are here to do.

4)      It helps you follow your passions by providing a specific workflow.

5)      Everything you write in this tool is private. Only you can see it, edit it and create in it.

6)   You can create your own notifications. Would you like this tool to remind you when a goal, a task is due?


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