Accompanying Book Materials

Accompanying Book Materials

Transcending The Maya Matrix Book

Thank you for reading the book: Transcending the Maya Matrix. I appreciate your feedback. 

As you can imagine, as a first-time author, I have been very busy lately with the book launch.  My intentions were re-prioritized. You will soon see all the materials that were mentioned in the book.

If you are interested in any particular topic, email me.


Journaling Workbook:

  • By registering, you will receive one workbook for each chapter every week. Each workbook has journaling exercises



Podcast 062: My Spiritual Opening & Kundalini (Moga)

Release date: 1/23/2018

  • In this episode, I talk about my experience that I call "Moga". It happened in 2002 after intense 30 days of meditations. 



Podcast 063: Co-Creation, Self-Realization & Kundalini

Release date: 1/26/2018

  • Continue talking about the Kundalini experience.



Podcast 076: My First Spiritual Encounter

Release date: 4/5/2018

  • In this episode, Omar tells about his first spiritual experience that changed his life. He first started talking about drugs and alcohol dependencies. Then he spoke about his first spiritual experience.



Podcast 065: Introduction to Breathing Through Emotions

Release date: 2/9/2018

  • Introduction to the next two episodes about releasing and allowing through the breath



Podcast 066: Expressing Emotional Tension Through The Breath

Release date: 2/9/2018

  • This exercise helps relief built up tension


Podcast about Dreams

Coming Soon

  • Not released yet



Ways to Meditate:

  • Coming soon



What are the Seven Simple Steps?:

  • Summary



The Maya Matrix:

  • Summary