E59 Master in Miracles Meditation

Intentional Beings,

This is a very powerful meditation. I recorded it many times and didn't like the outcome. the problem is that I was reading it from a script. My guidance is insisting that I should let go of my script and not mind my 2nd language English errors. My inner guidance wants me to express with the fullness of the messages in the moment.

If you feel any discomfort from this meditation or any meditation, please share your experience with me by sending me an email. You can also stop listening and come back to it some other time. Allow yourself time to fully understand that your being is truth itself and there is nothing to fear from being fully aware of who you are.  

Please honor your process of Co-Creation and and allow your inner being to guide you. 

I love your emails and your suggestions. Please do share with me. 


Let's live this moment fully and intentionally,




Music by: LuminEssence

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