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Living With Purpose - My Personal Mission Statement course.

Date: Every month on the 1st day of the month. Start anytime. This is a self-study course

Period: 14 days

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I hope you have a general idea now about the Seven Simple Steps. If you don’t, please listen to the following suggested podcast episodes:

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Even if you are a new listener to my podcast, you still can participate in this course. This course is called: Living With Purpose - My Personal Mission Statement course. Which relates to the first step: Intention.

In this course, I will be guiding you through 14 meditations, one meditation every day that will activate certain visions/frequencies within you. Please use your creativity during those meditations. You’ll be asked to create and engage with the meditation. These are not intended to lead you into a deep meditation rather meant to activate your higher purpose and your visions.


You’ll visit different areas in your life such as love, money, work, play and so on and you’ll be asked to answer specific questions.


I want to remind you that we are the intentional beings and we are going to be walking a very thin and narrow bridge between attachment to things and detachment from things; between the loud crying of the ego and the wise voice of trust and higher intentions within us. In order walk in this bridge, we have to be focused on our being and listen to the guidance that comes from within ourselves. This is the intentional beings way.


At any moment, if we believed the lies outside ourselves and follow the temptations and illusions of the ego, we will get off-balanced and lose the direction. It is OK if this happens you’ll just have to go back sometimes in the future and re-do the process of transformation again.


Am I ready for this course?

If you want to know if you are ready to take this course, go ahead and answer the following questions:

Would you like to know more about who you are and what you came here to do? If you answered “yes”, go ahead and start the course, as simple as that!

Do your beliefs prevent you from creating the life you want, the love you want, the play you want? In other words, do you think that you must tolerate life until you die and only then you’ll be happy? If you answered “yes”, you may be not ready for this course.


You can, however, register for this course anyway because it is free. But if you start the course, please do it, pay attention to the daily lessons, podcasts and mediations.


You can take the course as many times as you wish but if you have created your missions statement already, I suggest that you move on and start applying it in your life every day. I find no better course than this one as a start. We will announce other courses in the future to show you how you can use your mission statement to overcome obstacles and to create the life of your dreams. The life that you intended to have.


I believe that life is magical as it is. Life is not a burden that we must tolerate until we die. I wish for you to find that magic within you because it does not exists elsewhere. Your mission statement will help you expand beyond your limitations


This course is intended to guide so that you can feel certain feelings, expand in a direction that you chose to open, remember and reclaim your truth. Our focus is not to attract specific things rather to activate certain feelings. When we imagine things we are just using them as tools to activate those feelings. For example: if I tell you imagine that you won a million dollars. What would be the first thing you would do? I will be giving you questions like those but not to so that you be attached to the million dollars, it is to activate the feelings you would have if you won this million dollars. You attract by what you feel not by what you think and your attachment to specific things will only limit you and them away from you.

Intentional beings seek what is real and long lasting not the illusions of reality. That what makes us Intentional. Let’s say that you’ve created a vision of you in a ship in the middle of the ocean sailing and you are looking at the sun setting over the horizon. You need to remember to not be attached to the ship itself because your Co-Creations doesn’t have to happen this way. Know that this vision is meant to spark something within you. The feelings are real. That expanded feeling when you envision this idea, is a communication between your soul and you. It is an opening that is happening within you that accommodates more flow of that energy that is you. It is possible to do that and we will be doing that together in this course.


I'm going to ask you a question and I would love if you answer it for yourself and if you want to send the answer to info@intentionalbeing.com, feel free to do so. I would be honored to read your answers. Do you believe you are worthy to live the life of your dreams? Do you think that life can give you that dream just like life has evoked that dream within you? Can life deliver it to you?


Alright let's talk about the Living with Purpose - Your Personal Mission statement course.  All we are doing in this course is creating visions and then put them into words. Use your creative thinking. That type of thoughts that is guided by your intention and awareness of being, step 1 and step 2. Your creative thinking is very powerful when it is in alignment with your trueself. You can listen to the podcast “16 Compulsive thinking, creative thinking and insights” to learn more


We will have 14 audio recordings or podcasts.  You are going to listen to each one and answer the question. Please designate one hour per day during those 14 days for listening and journaling. During this one hour, you will be doing nothing but following the course. Please make your intention right now that you will designate one hour per day for this course.


Affirm now that you will give yourself this time each day as a loving gift for yourself, your family and all the people around you.  


Affirm now that you will disconnect all distractions such as social media notifications, phone calls,


Affirm now that you’ll notify people living with you that you intend to have no interruptions.


Decide now at what time of the day you see yourself doing that. Do you have to wake up early? What about first thing in the morning, instead of listening to the news?


Here are some of the FAQ about this course:

If I created a personal mission statement, do I have to stick with it forever?

A: Absolutely not. Some people change their mission statement once a year. I suggest that you change it whenever you feel you need to change it. In better terms, whenever you are guided to change it. If you feel the need to change a word for another word that you have stronger connect with, do it. It is not written on stone. Your mission statement represent the direction you intend to have, the qualities of life you seek, the values to want to enrich and the achievements you want to accomplish. Intentions can change and become deeper and closer to your higher intentions.


Do not be ideal when you create a vision, be creative. It maybe ideal to have a family, children and a house but this idea maybe not for you. Be free and follow your own inner guidance through your awareness of being. You may be tempted to enforce an idea that you think you want to have, please stay in the moment and see what comes up during the meditations.


Some people criticize creating a personal mission statement because they believe it is restricting. We do not intend to impose any limitations that is why we must follow the moment’s suggestions ALWAYS. Always be flexble. Always be willing to be open minded to what you don’t know. You may get way more than what you can imagine.


Living with Purpose - Your mission statement is like a bow and arrow. Your target is on the tree. We use the mission statement to shoot up in the air to get our real target. The mission itself is not the target. The expanded visions and intentions are. Mission statements are words, your visions are what is real.


We are creative beings. We can create a statement that is made out of words that is shiny and poetic but it is not a requirement. It is more important to create a Mission Statement that is simple to understand by a child. Always remember that what you are looking for is a feeling not a thing, it is the target on the tree not the bow and arrow.


The mission statement is a statement that you read to yourself daily first thing in the morning and maybe before you sleep as well. It should bring a sense of direction, passion, enthusiasm and vision. It will motivate you. It will help you get out of stagnant and stuck places. It will help you to stop saying “I am just waiting” or “I don’t have the help I need” and start saying “this is me and this is what I want, this is what I a going after”. You should become the director and reclaim your authority back. You should start learning the real meaning of ownership. It will be next to you, guiding you and brings a spark in your life. Your personal mission statement is there already within you. You are not creating it from scratch. You are remembering it. You are it. You just need to allow it. Your Personal Mission Statement will help you make decisions. It will guide you. It will remind you of the true values and qualities that you are looking for.

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