19 Journaling Exercise - Free Journaling

Today I want to share with you the tool that have made so much changes in my life and continues to make changes. It is a very important for our spiritual growth, self-development and to keep a focus in your life. This tool is Journaling.

I’ve been journaling from a very young age. I still have those journals until today. When I open them, I can see that there was a person who wanted to be honest with himself. A person who is passionate about growth and self-discovery. 

I know that we all need to have that safe place to express ourselves and to follow up on our goals, dreams and spiritual growth.  Imagine, what if you create a safe place to allow yourself to be yourself, to remind yourself of who you are and your goals in life. There is one main issue that I see in intentional beings. They know what they want, they know how to get it, they usually believe in the law of attraction. They have great advice to themselves but they are waiting for something. What are you waiting for? Some magic moment? Some improved circumstances? Are you waiting for the stars to lineup for you? Don’t you know that you are the one who will align all the stars and the circumstances. You just need a safe place. That is why we have two main and free journaling trainings. The first one is “discover your personal mission statement”. We will talk about why it is important to us,  and the second one is “My daily rituals”. In order for you to achieve your goals, you need to have a focus on your life. Devote whatever time you can and as consistent as you can to your personal truth.

Because I’ve always loved journaling, I created Twelvestepjournaling.com, a private journaling tools for the twelve step community. I worked on this website for two years and I launched it in 2012. Now we have a little less than 2000 members who go there and write in their personal journals. But since my passion is with the SSS, I created intentional beings.com so that you can go there and practice alone or in groups. The site is SSL protected just like banks so that you can feel safe. Our listeners are from 21 different countries so far. We also backup the site frequently so that there will be no lost information. In addition to all that, and for your protection, we don’t care who you are and where you are from. So please feel free to use our free journaling tools that we have been creating in years.

All you need is an intention to grow. If you choose to use intentionalbeings.com, go there and create an account for free. Choose a username that is not your name, if that feels safer to you, upload an avatar instead of your photo and start journaling.

Once you are a member, you go to your personal journals area, create a new journal and start the exercise that we will discuss in a minute. There is no need for topics because the topic is automatically generated with the time and date. After you finish writing, you can tag your journal with things like: money, house, wife, etc. or whatever subject you were writing about. You can retrieve those journals later by those tags you’ve created or by date. If you have more than one tag, just use commas between tags.

Soon when the trainings start you will find the best tool you could ever imagine for journaling. The journaling tools mimic the way we think about several topics. For example, if you are working on a new habit, you’ll see all the reasons why you want this habit, the affirmations you created, the sss process all in one place. You can also get insights from other members by going to the group page where you see others who are working on the same topics. I will be there as well. We will get to that in later podcasts so please tune in and register today at intentional beings.com.

When our first training start, discover your personal mission statement”, we will have one podcast each day to tell you what to do in that day. Things to write about, things to hear or things to read. You can choose to follow the podcast and write in your own diary if you wish or you may choose to use our free journaling tools at intentionalbeings.com


About the journaling exercise: it is called “Free Journaling”

All you need is you and a notebook or your computer. You’ll start writing whatever comes to your mind. This is it. These are all the rules. There is no need to correct spelling, punctuations. There is no need to have complete sentences. You can change subjects in the same sentence. Try not to change the subject intentionally. You are following the mind’s thoughts, if it goes left, you go left. If it goes right, you follow.


Why do we need this exercise?

We talked in a previous podcast about the differences between compulsive thinking, creative thinking and insights. Compulsive thinking are the thoughts that occupy your mind, sucks the life energy out of you and scatter it all over the place. What will happen to you if YOU, the real you, the awareness behind the thoughts became aware of the thoughts? What would happen to you if you realized that YOU are not your thoughts? And that you are the awareness behind those thoughts?

This exercise will help you identify YOU as separate from the thoughts which is a very essential part to increase your awareness and to become an energetic and focused being. You can identify the random thoughts as just thoughts and know the differences between your compulsive thinking and your creative thinking. With this exercise you may increase your awareness of Your true essence and the one barrier that prevents you from being who you are, your mind.

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