Journaling Tools

Journaling Tools and Courses

          We have created journaling tools and courses with guided step-by-step instructions so that we walk together as a community of Co-Creators in the process of learning and applying the Seven Simple Steps. Our first free training is “Living With Purpose | Discover Your Personal Mission Statement”. If you are not a member of yet, please click here to become a member and we will let you know when the training starts. There are a lot of benefits of becoming a member of, including:

1)      Communicate with other members anonymously for the purpose of expanding and receiving insights on your path to Co-Creations and Self-Realization.

2)      Enjoy our free journaling tools and courses that are designed to help you to stay focused on your path.

3)      Receive email notifications that remind you of goals you have set in motion, such as affirmations, personal mission statement, and much more.

4)      You will be automatically subscribed to our e-newsletter to keep you up to date on our progress as a community and know about upcoming trainings. You can opt-out at any time by clicking on “Unsubscribe Me” on the bottom of every e-newsletter you receive.

If you have questions, concerns or you want to become a guest on Intentional Beings & The Seven Simple Steps podcast, do not hesitate to email us at: